We provide a wide selection to answer your flooring needs.

Vinyl sheet floors are advantageous and recommended for use in many locations such as hospitals, schools, offices, hospitality, industrial, etc because of its durability and flexibility.

Vinyl also has the following benefits:

  1. Less slippery when wet compared to ceramic, marble, granite and other stones. It has a rating of R9 minimum which is rated for slip resistance on 6-10 degree inclines even on a wet surfaces.
  2. Vinyl uses your bodyweight to prevent slippage. Vinyl compresses when the surface is stepped on (insert picture). This means it also is
  3. Vinyl has a natural anti static ability. It has electrical resistance, encourages static decay and stops static generation. This is perfect for rooms which need conductive or static dissappative floors.
  4. Vinyl flooring has acoustic properties which usually absorb 3dB of sound. This can help in promoting clear communication inside rooms.
  5. Vinyl floors are very durable – it has a polyurethane layer coating that makes it shinier and protects it from sunlight and scratches
  6. Armstrong vinyl fades more slowly in sunlight versus other brands, with a color fastness of 7. Other floors usually have color fastness of 3.
  7. Vinyl floors can withstand static load of up to 25 kg/cm² without indentation. It can withstand dynamic load of up to 30 kg/cm² without indentation
  8. Can be installed over anything: cement, vinyl, wood, metal (see sample); Just put levelling compound and adhesive
  9. Vinyl is visually appealing, using natural non-repeating patterns
  10. Floor easily comes off and does not need heavy drills for maintenance and rennovation
  11. Armstrong Vinyl has very good dimensional stability, with maximum deviation of 0.2%. this prevents seams from occurring later on in the lifetime of the vinyl.
  12. Plasticised for wide range of flexibility
  13. Formulated as necessary to pass fire requirements for floors in most building codes: Class 1 45 minutes before burning. 0.45 watts/cm radiant flux test
  14. Inherently resistant to acids, alkali, many organic solvents
  15. Does not decompose when in contact with moisture


GBM provides you with 3 choices for vinyl floors:

  1. Homogenous (through and through patter) ideally used for heavy industrial malls, production areas and offices
  2. Heterogenous multi-layered with polyurethane finish and thick wearlayer.
  3. Sheet floor (rolled vinyl) which is perfect in healthcare because sheet floor is seamless. Joints are heat welded which prevents grout and bacteria from forming. This is also highly resistant to staining. It is resistant to over 144 staining regeants.

Sheet floor

Medintech – incredibly stain resistant, abrasion scratch and anti-bacterial sheet flooring. Resists rubber soles, iodine, shoe polish, ballpens, permanent markers and highly abrasion and scratch resistant. Dimensions 2mm. 2m x 25m. best used for hospitals and kids play areas.

6A Medintech
Altro – Incredibly slip, abrasion, scratch resistant and anti-bacterial flooring. R10-R12 resistance rating. Best used for commercial kitchens and wet areas. Come in roll form 2x20m and 2mm or 3mm thick.

7B Altro

Imperial Series: Tough and easy-to-clean vinyl tiles. 1ft x 1ft.

8B imperial

Natural Creations – tough and stylish wood finish planks with non-repeating pattern to simulate real wood. Fade resistant. Comes in 4×36 and 6×36 inch designs.

9B natural creations

Unideco – Budget friendly wood finish vinyl planks.

Wood floors – Solid wood floors made of Akasya or Gemilina. These floors planks can be produced laminated or in natural form.

laminates 2

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