The library is a place where people work and focus.


At Ateneo de Davao, the library is a place where people work and focus. Due to the high concentration of excited young men and women, and the cool air conditioning, the library also becomes a place to hang out, which in turn makes it noisy.IMG_5821

Ateneo De Davao and GBM Marketing Corp saw this as a potential distraction to the hundreds of students studying in the facility, so they worked on giving acoustical treatment to the university’s library using Armstrong Acoustic Ceilings.


The results were amazing! After the treatment of the room, over 50 students could study and chat in low, hushed voices and not disturb the others in the area. We measured the decibel rating in this building and saw that it was at 52db, compared to the noise level outdoors in the corridor which was at 71db,



and the canteen, which was at 80db.



Ateneo De Davao Librarian Nova R. Manzo shared with us her thoughts, “Naging mas tahimik yung library naming pagkatapos ma-install yung Armstrong acoustics boards.” (Our library become more quiet after the Armstrong acoustic ceilings were installed) Even with over 50 students, the noise level was tolerable and people could still study and focus because the sound was inaudible background sound.


Now that the library has an improved atmosphere that encourages studying, more and more students are using the facility.

The ceilings used also help reduce the energy needed to cool the area because the boards insulate well against heat and the lower ceiling reduced the volume of air needed to be chilled by the airconditioning system.

In summary, the acoustic treatment provided the following benefits:

  1. Improved work atmosphere for staff – more professional.
  2. Improved study atmosphere for students
  3. Savings on cooling system
  4. And of course, a happy customer


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